Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions about the MTA.

How can I become an MTA member?

If you are an education employee in a public school in Massachusetts, and you know or can obtain the name of the local MTA president, he or she will be able to provide you with membership information. In addition, you can contact the MTA Division of Affiliate Services at 617-878-8208 or 800-392-6175 x8208 to obtain contact information for MTA leaders in your school or general membership information. Also, you can request information by emailing

How can I join SEAM, The Student Education Association of Massachusetts/NEA?

Student membership is available to those enrolled in postsecondary programs preparing them for employment in positions eligible for Active NEA membership. More information and online enrollment.

How can I enroll as a retired member or renew an existing retired membership?

You can enroll or renew online here.

I'm interested in becoming a teacher in Massachusetts. What is the best source to find the requirements?

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's website,, is your best starting point. You can also search Massachusetts state colleges and universities from links posted in our Jobs in Education section.

How can I obtain information about the test required of new teacher candidates in Massachusetts?

Information about the teacher test can be found at Massachusetts Teacher Test.

I don't have an MTA membership card. How can I get one?

Email or call MTA's Division of Affiliate Services at 800-392-6175 x8208, in order to verify your membership and obtain a membership card and the necessary information.

How do I change my address in MTA's records?

Email both your old and new address along with where you work and your MTA member number to:

Where can I find out about MTA's member benefits programs?

Information about MTA Benefits programs is available at: Email your questions to

How do I find out about teacher retirement benefits and programs in Massachusetts?

Check the Massachusetts Teachers Retirement System' website at: The MTRS is located at 500 Rutherford Ave., Suite 210, Charlestown, MA 02129-1629. Call 617-679-MTRS (6877).

I'd like to place an ad in MTA Today.

Information about advertising in MTA Today is available here.