MTA School Library Task Force

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“If you people expect us to read on our own, then you need to have stuff that we can actually read and would want to read, not all of this stuff that was made in the old days.”

J. A., grade 11

The quotes in this page are student voices which come from one of the many hundreds of underfunded schools in Massachusetts where students do not have access to a well-resourced school library program. In wealthier communities in Massachusetts, most students attend schools where they have access to contemporary, bright and engaging library spaces with new books coming in regularly, excellent digital resources, and highly qualified, licensed teacher librarians.

But all students in Massachusetts deserve inviting spaces in their schools where, guided by licensed teacher-librarians, they can engage their curiosity, follow their imagination, and learn on their own and with peers while using a wide range of current resources.

“The library is one place that I can go to get my work done and get help with it. It makes me mad when I get to the door and I cannot go in because it is already full and there are no other options for me. I feel like if we had more library teachers it would be better.”

R.V., grade 10
Licensed teacher-librarians and well-resourced libraries have a well-documented positive impact on student achievement. Let's work together to bring these critical assets to all students in our Commonwealth! Let's fight back against the austerity cuts to school libraries that have denied our students, especially those in low-income communities of color, vital pathways to joyful learning and academic success!