MTA Divisions

The MTA represents 117,000 members in approximately 400 local associations. MTA members are teachers, faculty, professional staff and Education Support Professionals working at public schools, colleges and universities.


Amanda Torres-Price | Director | 617-878-8308

The Communications Division works to make MTA members the recognized voice of public education in Massachusetts. The staff assists members and local affiliates with public relations, communications strategy and all issues involving the media. The division publishes MTA Today, oversees and is responsible for the association’s social media networks. In addition, the staff works with other divisions on member organizing and MTA campaigns and conferences.

Finance and Accounting

Beth Evers | Chief Financial Officer | 617-878-8309

Finance and Accounting staff assist MTA members with a wide range of financial issues as well as with membership data. Staff assist local associations with accounting, dues collection, compliance issues and questions concerning membership types and processing, and offer financial trainings to local treasurers, membership chairs and other local leaders.

Field & Organizing

Brendan Sharkey | Director | 617-878-8105

Field & Organizing staff provide training and assistance to MTA locals around the state, in both preK-12 school districts and for our higher education colleges and universities, on a wide range of local, state and national issues. The division provides direct MTA and NEA services, helps locals develop bargaining and organizing campaigns, and works with members at the bargaining table.

Governance and Administration

Jennifer Freeling | Director | 617-878-8213

Governance and Administration staff oversee opportunities for service and involvement in the association, coordinate MTA/NEA election processes, manage meetings and handle materials for the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, president and vice president. The division also coordinates the work of all MTA committees and the Annual Meeting of Delegates and facilitates MTA delegation presence at the NEA Representative Assembly.

Human Resources

Ethel Daniel | Director | 617-878-8211

The Human Resources team manages the policies, procedures and programs of the MTA in the areas of talent acquisition, salary and benefits administration, performance management, employee relations, labor relations, legal compliance, recruitment and human resource information systems.

Information Technology Services

Glenn M. Coolong | Director | 617-878-8230

Information Technology staff work with all MTA divisions to ensure that the MTA’s technological needs are being met. Staff are responsible for the implementation, support and maintenance of all major computer applications, along with staff computers, printers, servers and internal and cellular telephone systems.

Legal Services

Rebecca Yee | General Counsel | 617-878-8245

The Legal Services Division functions as an in-house law firm for the MTA, local associations and members. Staff are committed to providing the best legal services to affiliates and to individual members who face legal matters arising out of their employment. The legal services provided are governed by the Legal Services Policy adopted by the MTA Board of Directors and by the NEA's Unified Legal Services Policy. The division also provides retirement counseling for MTA members.

Legislation, Policy and Political Action

Noah Berger | Director | 617-878-8207

The Legislation, Policy, and Political Action Division is made up of the MTA’s lobbyist team, policy specialists and grassroots political organizing team. 

The Government Relations team, including legislative, political and lobbying services, is the link for all state and national political and legislative activities. GR staff work to further the association’s member-driven legislative agenda, assist members and leaders in providing testimony in support of MTA-backed bills before the state Legislature, help elect MTA-recommended candidates and assist locals with political organizing efforts. 

Center for Education Policy and Practice staff monitor, advocate for and influence education policies of importance to MTA members. CEPP staff research and report on issues such as school finance, educator preparation, licensure and evaluation, and school and district improvement. They also provide information and assistance on these issues to local association leaders and members. CEPP staff also work to frame dialogue around and advance education policy issues. 

The Grassroots Campaigns staff, including Senate district coordinators and their Legislative and Political Action Teams, are responsible for fostering member engagement throughout the two-year Massachusetts legislative and election cycle. Grassroots Campaigns Director Paul McClory leads this division.

MTA Benefits

Elizabeth Bejoian | President | 617-557-6617

MTA Benefits, a wholly owned subsidiary of the MTA, conducts extensive research to bring members competitive programs from reliable companies in addition to discounts at more than 350,000 local and nationwide retailers. Benefits, services and money-saving programs include insurance, financial programs, home mortgages, health and wellness discounts, travel and entertainment. 

Printing and Mailing

Glenn M. Coolong | Director | 617-878-8230

Printing and Mailing staff work with MTA divisions and local associations to meet their various printing and mailing needs — including contracts, booklets, brochures, postcards, stickers, fliers, banners and more. Staff provide printing services to locals at very competitive prices. 

Training and Professional Learning

Ricardo Rosa | Director | 

Training and Professional Learning staff plan and coordinate high-quality training and professional learning programs for MTA leaders, members and staff. The division collaborates with members and staff to deliver relevant training, tools and materials that build association power. Staff also facilitate a large number of annual conferences and in-person and online trainings.